OMG Moments - December 2017

Holiday Hoopla

OMG 0118

“At our Exchange Club 'One Nation Under God Breakfast,' one time, a series of events occurred: 1. Ants got into our food. 2. A mouse got what the ants left. 3. The A/C wasn’t cooling—it was way too warm. 4. A minister got sick due to overheating. 5. No one knew how to set up the sound system. BUT... we still had a great time!”

“I went to an outdoor holiday party a few years ago on Hilton Head. I got eaten-up by mosquitoes in my skirt. I sprayed bug spray on myself, and it took the dye out of my shoes. It went all over my feet leaving black spots everywhere. It also messed up my nail polish.”

“I was at a big convention, where everyone was bouncing from hospitality room to hospitality room and had more than their fair share to drink. I went to the restroom and realized the bottom of my skirt was tucked into my underwear. I had been  showing my backside since my last bathroom visit, probably two hours earlier. No one told me. I was mortified.”

"Like many of my colleagues back in 1984, I loved dancing to Michael Jackson 'Thriller' songs, Madonna’s music and more. But Billy Ocean’s post-disco hit  'Caribbean Queen' was ruined for us all that year, when at our holiday office party, our boss played it over and over. She sang all the lyrics at the top of her voice while tearing up the dance floor—solo! To this day I cringe when it airs on ‘80s radio."

“I met my new boss at the office Christmas Party. He said, ‘Hi, how’s it going?’ I said, ‘Great,’ as I took a sip of my drink. The drink straw went up my nose and I had to dig it out of my nose with him watching.”

What makes the holidays the most wonderful time of the year for you?
34%     Holiday Gatherings
20%     The Reason for the Season    
16%     Decorations/Lights
13%     Holiday Meals & Treats
7%       Christmas Music
6%       TV Shows & Movies
4%     Shopping & Gifts

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