Pet Takeover - May 2016

Meet Zepp & Joey

Pet Takeover0516

Zepp and Joey
Zepp and Joey are both labradoodles, brothers from the same mother, but you’d never know it. Zepp sports a soft-haired coat like a giant teddy bear, while his brother Joey wears his wild, wiry haired mane without apology. The two brothers arrived at the Hilton Head Humane Association after their owner passed away. Nearly inseparable, the plan was to find a family who was willing to take both of them. After hearing their story, Pink Magazine was excited to help out by treating these two already handsome guys to a gentlemanly makeover giving them center stage in our pet takeover edition.

Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming—Makeover Time!
We arrived at Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming, where Danielle, the shop’s groomer, took over, starting with a bath for the boys. We entered the spa area where piled high plush towels filled corner racks, and a plethora of soaps and washes lined the tubs, which are elevated and open on the ends making it easy to wash two large dogs without breaking your back. Worth the cost, these tubs are available to anyone who wants to come wash his/ her dog, especially useful after a day on the beach, and the best part is Woof Gang cleans up the mess.

In addition to the bathing and grooming services, Woof Gang features a retail store and a fresh bakery all for the furry set. The homemade treats are made with 100% organic grain and gluten free flour, natural peanut butter and organic honey, which is great news for dogs who suffer from allergies. The pastry chef makes custom birthday cakes to order, too.
Next, Joey and Zepp made their way to the grooming room, where we all learned some of the things that make Woof Gang grooming special. Joey went in the cage dryer because his fur takes longer to dry. Zepp started out on the table. Danielle constantly kept one hand on Zepp to reassure him that she was there. She groomed him almost entirely with scissors. The owner, Ron Moon, later explained to me what a special skill it is for a groomer to use scissors. “It takes a lot more time, and it is tougher on the groomer’s hands. It’s rare to find a groomer like Danielle with her skillset who is so passionate about what she does.” When it came time to trim the boys’ nails, she pulled out a Dremel tool and began sanding as she explained that using this technique does not make the dogs’ paws as sore as when they are clipped.

Zepp enjoyed his grooming the most, even falling asleep on the table while he was being clipped. Joey stood proudly at attention as Danielle told him how handsome his was. She trimmed up his bangs to reveal his sweet butterscotch eyes, and we all debated adding two dogs to our families.
Afterwards, we took these two fly guys to strut their stuff at Shelter Cove Marina for their final photo shoot. Zepp and Joey attracted lots of attention and enjoyed hugs and kisses from strangers who couldn’t resist. Thanks Woof Gang for making these good fellas good looking!

Zepp and Joey Update
A recent call to the Humane Association for an update on Zepp and Joey’s status resulted in some sad, but hopeful news. A thorough physical of Zepp revealed a cancerous spot on his chest. The shelter moved Zepp to the intake suite, giving him a special bed and lots of love while they await test results.  They are hopeful that the spot can simply be removed, and he will be able to be adopted. In the meantime, a family visiting the island fell in love with Joey and decided to take him home. Both dogs are doing well. If you would like to inquire about adopting Zepp when he comes available, please contact the Hilton Head Humane Association at 843-681-8686.


WOOF GANG BAKERY is a full-service pet store and grooming facility. They are unique in offering “self-serve” dog washing, too.  You can bathe your pet without an appointment, as long as a tub station is available. They are located on William Hilton Parkway on Hilton Head Island.  For more information or to make an appointment, call 843-681-9663 or log on to

Also, a heartfelt thanks to the Hilton Head Humane Association located at 10 Humane Way (off Spanish Wells, near 278) for providing the dogs that stole all our hearts!  Call the Humane Society at 843-681-8686 for more information.

Other adoption agencies in the Lowcountry include Beaufort County Animal Shelter, Palmetto Animal League Adoption Center and Tabby House,