Jag, K-9 Patrol Deputy & Krysta Meza, PFC, Jag's Partner

Hear Me Bark

HearMeBark 0517

Photography (top) by Cpl. Corey Gibson  Additional Photography by Lindsay Gifford

How does it feel to have a job to go to every day?HearMeBark2 0517
It’s the best! I love having a purpose each day.

You bond with your trainer for life.
What’s your favorite thing about Krysta?
She gives really good hugs and belly rubs,
plus she’s really good at fetch. I love it when
she tells me I’m handsome. I even strike a
pose to show off my good looks.

How long have you been a K-9 officer?
Nearly 11 dog years (almost one-and-a-half people years, whatever that is.)

What is your job description?
I mostly work with narcotics, but I can also do tracking in criminal situations, and of course, I’m a co-pilot and on patrol duty 24/7  

Do you ever call in sick?
No! I’m too excited to go to work. In fact, when we’re off, I’m kind of pouty.

What is one thing you’re super proud of?
My partner, Krysta, is the first and only female handler for Beaufort County. She’s recently been certified with the American Society of Canine Trainers, and she made a 100 on her test!

Are you always so well-behaved?
I’m usually very well-behaved, but I like to have some fun, too. For instance, when Krysta is doing boring reports, I stick my nose in her ear from the back seat and ask to play instead.

What are 3 fun facts about K-9 officers?
1) We can distinguish between twins.
2) Most of us are from Europe, where we are bred.
3) I know commands in multiple languages.

How often do you train?
That’s a hard question. We train all the time. Even when we are working, we are training.

Do you like for adults and children to show you attention in public?
No! I’m trained to protect, so when unfamiliar people approach me, my instincts kick in.

What is the scariest situation you've ever been in?

I’m kind of new to the scene, but I’m ready for action. K-9 officers are often put in the most dangerous positions, as we deal with the unknown, such as building searches, where there may be guns, drugs and criminals, who have the upper hand.

What do you think of all this discipline? Are there ever rewards?
As a Belgian Malinois, work and discipline is my purpose. Yes, my favorite rewards are my ball or a “bite.” A “bite” is when one of the trainers decks out in civilian clothing and allows me to attack his bite sleeve. It’s an adrenaline rush.

What came first for Krysta, the love of dogs or the love of the job?
Dogs for sure! She used to tell me stories about how her dad was a sheriff’s deputy who helped train K-9s. She enjoyed helping out and went on to serve as a military policeman in the Marines. She served five active years and five in the reserves.

I’m currently barking about….
My job! I love to work, tracking and finding drugs, so watch out!

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