I.T. Girl - September 2015

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by Heather Moon

Popular Apps

iDream: Having trouble sleeping? This free app allows you to choose from a selection of relaxing lyric-free soundscapes that will insure a more peaceful rest. There are nine different sound types to choose, ranging from white noise to a babbling brook. 

Waterlogged: Did you know that the moment you feel thirsty, dehydration is already setting in?  Avoid the negative side effects of dehydration by using this helpful app that reminds you stay on track with your water goals. You can set daily goals, get notifications, and it links with your Fitbit. 

Poshmark is one of the top leading marketplaces to buy and sell fashion. Much like an online version of TJ Maxx, you can buy top brands that are heavily discounted. It can also be used as a visual aid to get outfit ideas for your next date night or wedding. 

Pull the Plug...every once and awhile

Technology is great, and it's so nice being able to listen to a podcast or music on the go, but nothing is more calming than the sound of nature. The next time you're outside on the go, leave your headphones in your purse, and listen to the breeze filter through the trees or a bird's song. Be careful, you might get addicted to being unplugged. 

How to use technology to improve your fitness:

  A great fitness benefit technology provides is social accountability. Through apps and social media a sense of community is created, which allows you to connect with others, keeping you motivated. 

Wearable fitness technology like a Fitbit or a heart monitor tracks everything from your caloric intake to your physical activity. Think of these as your personal trainer.  

Technology can help improve your performance. Used correctly, it can up your fitness stamina with healthy challenges, which can result in enhanced training and an overall higher outcome. 

Cool Tech Product: Fitbit 

Chances are you know at least one person who constantly wears their Fitbit. The flexible, durable wristband is a physical activity tracker that is designed to help you become more active. It’s basically a 21st century pedometer. It monitors your sleep patterns, tracks steps, distances and tells you the amount of calories you’ve burned. There are several models of the Fitbit, ranging from everyday fitness to performance fitness—all depending on your goals and activity level. The device connects to your smart phone wirelessly, making it simple to log your activities into the free Ftbit app. One cool feature within the app is the "Challenges" section. You can challenge up to 10 of your friends to take a certain amount of steps, and through the app you can see messages, everyone’s goal progress and achievements. The bands come in a variety of colors, and recently Tory Burch collaborated with Fitbit and created some seriously chic ways to accessorize. Prices range from $59.95-$249.95 depending on which Fitbit suits your needs.

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