I.T. Girl - February 2016

ITGirl5 web


by Heather Moon


Popular Apps:

Treatings is a fun way to explore career paths, find collaborators and meet interesting people in your city. Mostly used for techies, this social network platform runs completely on reputation—which is incredibly helpful if you’re trying to find someone to work with on a project. This free app connects via your LinkedIn account, keeping things light, yet professional.

BonAppetour is a web app, so you’ll have to go to its website to check it out: www.bonappetour.com. It’s social dining that connects travelers with local hosts for home-dining experiences, including dinner parties, cooking classes, barbecues and more! The idea is to have a deeper interaction between travelers and locals by creating a more immersive cultural experience over great food.

New York Times Cooking App
This free app is great for any person who enjoys cooking and/or eating. It’s easy to navigate and you can easily search for recipes by category or by simply typing in what you’re looking for. There’s a "recipe box" that makes it easy to organize and collect all of your favorites in one place. It also has a wonderful selection of how-to videos, making it simple to tackle even the most difficult of dinners.


Tech Product: IT0216 3Altec h20 MiniBluetooth Waterproof Speaker

This speaker may have the word ‘mini’ in it, but don’t under estimate its ultra compact design. This speaker is waterproof, shockproof, sand proof and it floats—perfect for a beach or boat day. The sound quality is amazing and it has a battery life of six hours. You can connect your phone via bluetooth or an auxiliary cord. Priced at $39.99, this speaker is the perfect music companion for where you want to go.

IT0216 2Podcast: Serial
Be prepared to become engrossed in "Serial." This podcast unfolds one story, a true story, over the course of a whole season. It follows the plot and characters through every surprising twist and turn. The host does a great job of thoroughly inspecting all details from every vantage point, no matter how deep the story takes you. One episode comes out per week; Be sure to start at episode one.