Tricks for Fashion Flattery

Little Things That Make a Big Difference


Looking in the mirror every day when you get dressed doesn’t have to be a drudgery. Instead, try a few tricks of the fashion trade and feel good—not daunted—about the way you look in your clothes. Treat the person staring back at you to a whole new outlook on life. It may be time to get rid of the worn out and tired in your closet and flatter your style spirits that have been lurking deep inside your fashion psyche.

Start by thinking positive. We’ve all heard the message: Accentuate the positive; deny (I mean eliminate) the negative. So if you’ve always struggled with being too short, too tall, too this or too that, decide to make reality work for you instead and play up your best assets.

Many of us get finicky or discouraged in the dressing room and throw in the dressing room towel way too fast. If there is something about your body you are uncomfortable with, learn to downplay it and accentuate your best features. Dressing well is an art that can be learned.

Here are a few tricks: If you want to camouflage an ample stomach or large hips, go for tunic or blouson tops that are fingertip length. Stick to soft fabrics that flow over problem areas and don’t cling. Try the popular “long over lean” look of long tops and jackets worn over leggings and skinny jeans. Just make sure your jacket or top is not too loose; has a slightly nipped-in waist for the most flattering silhouette. Remember to choose body-skimming clothes that fit. Save the baggy stuff for channel surfing.

A slimming trick: wearing neutral colors from head to toe.

Have heavy legs? Camouflage them with tailored flared trousers. Petites can add high-heeled boots and shoes for more height. Steer clear of pleats, big patch pockets and oversized prints. Shiny textures will also make legs look heavier.

If you have more of a boyish figure, then you can create curves with wide belts, full skirts and full trousers. Don’t be afraid to experiment with some trendier pieces such as the big, boxy coats that are trending this fall and winter.

Color can also play tricks on your clothes ... but in a good way. Wearing head-to-toe neutrals in dark shades has a very slimming effect. This fall, gray is a favorite neutral. If you like this easy style of dressing, then make sure you punch it up by varying textures of the different pieces you wear. Mix a leather moto jacket with a chiffon blouse and Ponte knit pants. Bold brights such as cobalt and red can also be stunning when worn tonally head-to-toe, as can be candy-colored pastels.

And then there are all those prints and patterns floating around out there this year. And no, you don’t have to discount them. But they can be tricky. If you’re wary of patterned pandemonium, then stick to small prints with low color contrast. Remember the darker the background, the more slimming the effect. Pack the huge florals for your tropical vacation ... or better yet, save them for next year’s costume parties.

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