The Miracle of You

How to Heal Yourself


January 2022 Issue
by Edwina Hoyle
Photography by Cassidy Dunn Photography

Life is busy. No doubt about it. We hustle to work, take the kids to school and soccer and dance lessons, rush around to shop, cook, clean, we bring work home with us, participate in our church, club, and other social opportunities. It’s no wonder our culture has become one of convenience—pre-packaged foods, fast food restaurants, pizza delivery and comfort food overload. Stress is part of daily living, so we take a breath, if we remember, and push on. As such, we have become disconnected from nature, from each other, from a quality home life. It is this very lifestyle that is making us collectively sick.

Laura Shofroth learned this lesson the hard way. At 34 years of age, she was diagnosed with endometriosis and told that the chronic pain she experienced every day was a result of uterine tissues growing outside of the uterus that adhered to other organs. An ovary was attached by fibrous tissue to her intestines, and it had also spread to her spine. Diagnostic surgery had shifted organs, and the doctor had unknowingly caused a bleeding cut. Her pain left her walking with a cane. Her prognosis was dismal.

Laura explained that the doctors said her only option was a radical hysterectomy. “Then I would be taking hormone pills, Lupron and other medications for the rest of my life.” She added that the hormone pills would cause hair loss, early menopause, loss of bone density and other side effects. She simply could not accept that there was no cure. She said “No” to the surgery.

“My body won’t betray me,” she said. “Something was out of balance. My passion to cure myself became undeniable. There was no other option but to believe that if given the right tools—vitamins, nourishing foods, minerals, detoxing, activity and more importantly, changing my thought processes—the body could and would heal itself.”

Laura did extensive research, radically changed her diet, detoxed, and went on a journey of self-healing. Her success empowered her, and she found her passion: to help others.

Laura has helped thousands of people over the last 20 years. She became a health and wellness consultant, a certified herbalist, a certified life coach and is now the president of the local chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Laura has just published “The Miracle of You, A Five-Step Plan to Create a Life of Vitality and Greatness.”

“The Miracle of You” is an inspirational book, an easy read, and is filled with wisdom and thought-provoking ideas. The book gives readers hope for the future, shows how to heal yourself, and how to plan for sustainable health. Laura is a gifted storyteller who weaves personal stories with sage advice.

In her book, Laura paints a clear picture: “Food is medicine and can offer healing, or it can be harmful to the body. Everything you put into your body is either going to be recognized as nutrition at the cellular level, or something unrecognizable to your body.

"A toxic lifestyle will return a toxic body."

Laura explained that there are five pillars to self-healing: clean eating; detoxification; juicing; de-stressing; and rewiring thoughts and beliefs from negative to positive. It may sound like hard work, but fighting cancer or chronic pain is even harder.

“Mindset is my favorite thing to teach: How to take ownership of our problems. Rather than waking up with stress hormones, I teach how to wake up with gratefulness. If you practice 5-10 minutes a day, two or three times a day, science has proven that it raises your immune system by 46 percent.”

“The Miracle of You” is truly holistic. Laura skillfully guides readers through the magic of the mind/body connection. What you believe, you achieve! Laura wrote, “When we understand how our minds work and become consciously aware of what we are doing, then we can change the way we think. And what we choose to focus on becomes our reality.”

Anyone who suffers from chronic fatigue or pain, brain fog, depression, digestive issues, autoimmune diseases, skin irritations, heart disease, insomnia, or any other health condition MiracleofYou0122 1would benefit from Laura’s book.“There is no better time to learn how powerful you are and to reject the status quo of living a stressful, anxious and chronically sick life.”

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