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We Went Looking for Love and Found it!

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Island Child  |  Looking adorable—yes your little one certainly will! This red felt hat and plaid day-time dress is the perfect topper for an afternoon outing.







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Porcupine  |  Everyone wants a kiss and a hug! This 25-inch, 14kt yellow gold plated, sterling silver, lariat necklace is not only chic, it’s also a gift option that says "I love you" every time you wear it.




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Newtique Boutique  |  Add a touch of charm to your home with this wise and whimsical owl. It's vibrancy will add a pop of color to any room.



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Neelepoint Junction  |  Update your look with this colorful, one-of-a-kind shawl beautifully hand knitted by the talented ladies at Needlepoint Junction. Warm and cozy, this stylish shawl perfect for the cool days and nights of late winter and early spring.

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Island Girl  |  Want a change? It’s a snap with the Ginger Snap Collection. Create your own look and match every outfit you own with this adjustable necklace and bracelet, which sports interchangeable jewel snaps.


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Spartina 449  |  The sleek Keynote Locket Collection by Spartinia 449 discreetly holds hidden messages. The signature mermaid key, which comes with every Keynote Locket necklace, releases the golden note so you can easily change messages for new moments and memories. Choose from our assorted locket note messages to find the perfect mantra for your locket.

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 March De Macaron  |  This unique  red leather crossbody is perfect for any ladies night out. It’s a perfect statement purse for Valentine’s Day!








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Forsythe Jewelers  |  Known for luxury and distinction, this Caviar Icon bracelet by Lagos features a rich garnet gemstone with an 18kt yellow gold, Caviar beaded station. Gorgeous.




Products 8Mercedes Benz of Hilton Head  |  The coupe—the real, two-door variety—is oh so alive and well at Mercedes-Benz of Hilton Head. The latest evidence is the redesigned, world-class, two-door sports coupe that is unrivaled when it come to fun in the sun—a Lowcountry must have!

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