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From left: Dr. Jennifer Frickel,, Nann Manning, Tanya Colucci, Alyssa Herczegh, Janine Cole, Laurie Holmes

Most of us live hectic lives, which includes juggling kids, aging parents, jobs, bills, deadlines, housework, relationships, pets and a million other responsibilities. Add to that illnesses, divorce, hurricanes, heartache, loss, frustration and failure, and it’s easy to find yourself off-balance.

It affects all of us differently. The first symptom I experience when I am off center is the noise in my head becomes louder than the music, and I stop noticing what’s playing on the radio. From there, it’s like falling down a flight of stairs, as each of my good habits fold to ways to self-medicate. Fresh veggies are traded for carbs. Water turns into wine. Exercise is traded for watching television.

Relationships become neglected. Sleep eludes me, and those things, in turn, affect my mind, body and soul. Just like when a washing machine becomes off-balance, sometimes we need to stop and find our center again. But what would be even better, is if we learned some skills for managing life that prevented us from getting to that point in the first place. So, we asked the experts at Just Be Centre for practical tips for keeping balanced and staying centered.

The question posed to each one is: What do you do to center your life?

Alyssa J. Herczegh
is the owner and esthetician at Alyssa J. Natural Skin Care. She is a South Carolina State Board licensed esthetician, specializing in holistic, non-invasive skin care, using only all-natural and organic skin care products. She received her Esthetics certification from the International Spa Institute in Bluffton, SC. She is also certified in crystal-free microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Her passion has always been helping others achieve health and happiness inside and out.

I am centered and full of mindfulness when my self-love is at its best. One way I personally nurture this is to practice healthy self-care. My intentions are set to go to my sacred place every Sunday afternoon and unplug from the outside world. I have a mini spa retreat in my bathroom. It is my self-love ritual where I acknowledge I am a loving vessel and nourish it the way it deserves.

I begin by lighting candles and drawing a warm bath filled with Epsom salts, flower petals and essential oils. I then dry brush my body to remove dead skin cells. I cleanse my face and apply one of my Laurel Whole Plant Organics facial masks. I sip on a cup of organic herbal tea, let go of the past week and just be. I end up feeling beautiful and become fully restored for the week ahead.
Contact Alyssa at 330-603-1712.

Laurie Holmes, LMT, is a massage therapist and certified transformative wellness coach. She is licensed in several states and has worked with Olympic and professional athletes, as well as with people who are recovering from accidents. With a 30-year career doing therapeutic body work, she has worked extensively with clients who want to experience more freedom of movement and less pain in their bodies.

The key to living a balanced life is to nurture your whole self by taking care of your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. If food, water and exercise determine our physical wellbeing, and positive mental stimulation replenishes our mental wellbeing, then happiness, compassion and loving kindness feeds our spiritual wellbeing. Love, happiness, joy, success, peace of mind are not a place to get to, but a place inside ourselves to come from. As Michael Neill once said during a Master Class for Transformational Coaching, “We live in the feeling of our thinking, not in the feeling of our circumstance.” That philosophy has the power to transform one’s thinking forever.
Contact Laurie at 843-422-7454.

Dr. Jennifer Frickel is a chiropractor at Just Be Centre.  She attended the University of Pittsburg before graduating from Life University in Atlanta with a Doctorate of Chiropractic. She focuses on Family Chiropractic. This includes adjusting infants, children and pregnant moms, too.

I believe what we can all do is be mindful of our what our bodies are telling us. We tend to ignore everyday aches, pains and physical changes. In reality, this is a way our body ‘talks’ to us, which IS our warning sign that something needs to be addressed. This could range from a dry bottom lip that indicates dehydration to pain and decreased range of motion, possibly due from a pinched-nerve. Mindfulness of our body should be considered the number one way to center your life. It not only can affect you physically, but also emotionally.
Contact Dr. Jennifer 843-540-8750.

Tanya Colucci is a myofascial release therapist, Reiki master, yoga and meditation teacher at Just Be Centre. She blends her knowledge and experience in myofascial release bodywork, meditation, energy healing and shamanic modalities to create a healing experience like nothing else you’ve felt before. She encourages her clients to step into their soul power by healing all parts of themselves to live a life more fulfilled, joyous, and pain free!

Ways in which we can keep ourselves balanced and centered through life is to make sure that we are taking care of and honoring all parts of our physical, mental and spiritual body.

Ask your body what it needs to feel healthy, balanced, strong and flexible. Coming up with a routine weekly that addresses all of these areas of your being will help you feel balanced.

The most important thing is to check in with your entire being and ask it what it needs to feel balanced. When you start dialoging with your body, mind and spirit you might be surprised what information you receive on its needs. We all know we need to eat healthy and exercise, but what are you doing to nourish your soul? How are you feeding your entire self? I find that taking time to myself in quiet to read, reflect and journal is helpful when I am feeling overwhelmed by life. My meditation, breathing and prayer practice helps to bring me into my center, as well. I have a routine in the morning before work that consists of meditating, saying a few prayers and going inward to focus on my breath and connect with the energy of Mother Earth to get grounded.

Close your eyes and feel your breath moving in and out of body, particularly at your naval. Feel the rise of fall of your belly, feel the cool air moving into your nostrils and the warm air as it leaves your body. Take two minutes a few times a day to refocus with breath awareness.
Contact Tanya at 202-812-4242.

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