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There are not many things in life that are certain, but changes are inevitable.  There are changes in jobs, relationships, size of your family, family situations such as marriage, children, even divorce or death of a spouse.  There are changes in requirements for a home such as small to begin with, larger when the family grows and smaller again when downsizing occurs.  The best advice is to plan the best you can before you make any changes with your housing.  Buying and selling a home is one of the biggest financial transactions most people will make throughout their lifetime.  When it comes to real estate, whether buying your first or last home or selling a property, it is best to ask the advice of a trusted realtor.  A realtor who knows the market, has your best interest in mind, and has the ability to provide you with the utmost service.

This time of year is always a great time to look back at the past year and make plans or goals for the future.  Since a real estate transaction is not something you do every day or even every year, it is something to have good planning for.  Be sure to choose a realtor who you can connect with and that will understand the importance of your real estate goals. Your realtor should be eager to help every step of the way—today and in the future.  Whether you are buying or selling a home, your realtor should understand the memories you have or will make.  If it is a second home at the beach, your realtor should help you live the “Island Lifestyle.”  A solid real estate group can be counted on to be on your team as your trusted advisor.  Reaching your goal and what is in your best interest is the goal—not just making a sale!

In today’s real estate market here are some things you will need to consider:

As a Seller – reasons to sell include:

• Life changes.
• Time to move on with your life.
• Great real estate opportunity.
• Today there is a good demand, fewer homes on the market and it is a good time to be a move up buyer.

A good strategy to be a successful Seller

• Price a little lower will create more demand. Buyers are very informed and will see a deal
• Use a realtor.
• Bring the property to the market in the HGTV generation.  Buyers want it all updated, including kitchen and baths, highspeed data, view and location. You may not be able to move your property, but having it in top rate showing condition is the utmost importance.
• Baby Boomers will have the largest household growth of any other generation over the next five years.  A good number will want to join us on Hilton Head Island and in the Lowcountry.
• Price, condition, location of your property, advice of a trusted real estate advisor—your realtor.

Financial reasons to be an owner:
• Housing is typically the one leveraged investment – 80% mortgage.
• You are paying for housing whether you own or rent.  

Renting is paying someone else’s mortgage.

• Owning is usually a form of “forced savings.”
• There are substantial tax benefits to owning your home or second home.
• Owning real estate is a hedge against inflation.
Home ownership makes sense for many for social and family reasons,
as well as financial reasons.  

As a Buyer—things you will need to consider include:

• Life changes.
• Prices will continue to rise.
• Mortgage rates are low, but are projected to increase.
• Time to get on with your life.
• Today real estate offers a good value and bank rates make mortgages more affordable.

A good strategy to be a successful Buyer

• Have a plan and a team including a financial advisor who sees the whole picture,
a banker if you plan to have a mortgage, be pre-qualified, and have a trusted
advisor—your realtor.
• A realtor will help do more than just help you find your dream home.
They know the market and dangerous pitfalls to watch out for.
They take the emotion out of the process. A realtor has negotiating skills.
• Mortgage rates are still very low.

Historic average mortgage rates by decades include:

> 1970s - 8.86%
> 1980s - 12.7%
> 1990s - 8.12%
> 2000s - 6.29%
> Today - 4.00% or less

When dealing with a REALTOR the top four
important factors you should consider are:
1) Tell the truth about the price and your offer
2) Understand your needs and timetable
3) Remove challenges and negotiate in your best interest
4) Help find the right property by depending on the realtor’s market knowledge
For anyone considering a real estate transaction, a great realtor
will know how to deliver tough news.

The Charles Sampson Real Estate Group of Charter One Realty is located at the Main Street office, 81 Main Street Suite 201. Charles is the founding partner of Charter One North. He, along with his wife, Frances, has lived on Hilton Head Island since 1972, and daughter, Angela, has lived in the Lowcountry all her life. The Charles Sampson Real Estate Group can be reached at 843-681-3307. Charles Sampson can be reached at 843-384-7300 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Their website is

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