Fashion: Sale into Summer

What to Buy Now and Wear Later


When ads for Black Friday deals start hitting your inbox in 95-degree temperatures, you know the summer sales are on. It’s time to take advantage of the bargains, whether it’s for back to school or back to the gym. Stock up on these fashion basics so you can buy now and wear later:

Workout Wear
You may have promised yourself you’d hit the gym last spring BEFORE you put on that swimsuit, but we all know how workouts often get pushed off the schedule in the hot months when we’re too busy sweating it out on the beach. Then we promise ourselves we’ll get down to those downward-facing dogs when the kids go back to school. And since athletic clothes are usually seasonless, now is a great time to add a few new camisoles, leggings and tights. You can never have enough of these workhorses that take us from yoga to a walk around the block.

Athletic Shoes
Sneakers are “hot” shoe trends this year, and now’s the time to find discounts. A new pair of sneaks is usually at the top of most kids’ back-to-school lists. Even if your favorite brands don’t normally go on sale, you can use store coupons to get lower prices. Check out the newer retro looks. Comfy slip-on styles will be a big fall trend.

The Short Stuff
Of course, most of us stick to wearing shorts and capris in the summer, but more and more shorts are becoming a year-round staple, especially when teamed with leggings and tights in the fall and winter. Denim shorts are always a classic to pick up on sale since they never go out of style. Summer sales are also a good time to refresh your supply of white shorts, another timeless basic.

Tanks and Tees
In abundance right now, you can find them in every color of the rainbow at rock-bottom prices. These are the perfect wear-on-their-own pieces that will double up under jumpers and crop tops in the fall. Replenish your white tanks and tees with plenty of darker transitional colors—cobalt blue, emerald green and burgundy. These are great layering pieces to add now when you can find them on sale.

Rain Gear
Casual jackets and trench coats will take you all through the year, except, of course, when the weather turns icy cold. But for those of us who live in warmer climates, versatile anoraks and parkas can be valuable must-have pieces in our wardrobes. You’ll find lots of the light-weight versions of outerwear on sale now, as stores and online sites make way for heavier fall and winter coats. You may even get lucky enough to find a new fall coat at preseason prices.

Did you find the perfect swimsuit last spring and want to see if you can find another similar suit at half the price? Now’s the time to go for it. As travel becomes more and more popular, and indoor hotel pools beckon year-round, having an extra swimsuit around is a good idea. While many swimwear racks may be a bit bare now, you never know what you might find. Sales on swimwear are great times to also experiment with that two-piece you’ve had your eye on for months. And, of course, you’ll have lots of time to fit into it by next year, right?

It’s true, little black dresses never go out of style. So when they are on sale, even in the summer, it’s a great time to buy your perfect party dress for the holiday season ahead. Or if you get a real dress deal, go for one in a brilliant color. You’ll stand out in a crowd. With sleeveless-style sheath dresses still a popular option for cocktail parties any time of year, you can’t go wrong with this classic silhouette. You can always layer on cardigans or fur wraps for extra warmth. And just think: When the holidays roll around in a few months, you can spend time partying with your favorite friends and family instead of shopping for a new dress.

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