DIY Easter Masterpiece

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Project and Photography provided by Molly Mahoney

What you will need:
• Picket Fence Craft Shape, mine is 16in wide
• Bunny Craft Shapes, I used sizes ranging from 5in to 7in
• Script Wood Letters, I’m using 3in tall letters in the Lavanderia font
• Wood stain
• White and lime green (or the colors of your choice) craft paint
• Foam brushes
• White Pom-poms
• Ribbon
• Scissors
• Paper plate or paint tray
• Hot glue gun and glue

EasterDIY 0417 2
1. Gather Your Materials

This is another simple project but between the paint and stain you may want to put something down to protect your work surface.

2. Stained Fence

Apply the stain to the face of the wooden fence shape using the foam brush.

3. Green Letters

I chose a bright lime green paint and applied it to just the to face of the letters to save time and to give the lettering more dimension.

4. White Bunnies

Repeat the painting process with the bunnies and the white paint.

5. Arrange

Once everything is dry, arrange all the pieces together.

6. Hot Glue

Use the hot glue to adhere each piece in place.

7. Bunny Tails

Add a dab of hot glue to the base of each bunny and attach a pom-pom to create the bunny tails.

8. Ribbon

Carefully turn the piece over and attach a piece of ribbon to each side of the fence with the hot glue.

9. Bow

Tie the ribbon into a bow and trim off any excess.

EasterDIY 0417 3

10. Done!

Your springtime Family Bunny Wreath is now complete. Hang and enjoy! Here is a closer look of how the unpainted naturally dark edges really make the bunnies and letters pop against the stained wood fence.

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