Rowena Deaton, Diane Wiggins, Terri Brashears, Trisha Campbell, Liesa Wright, Cindy Sprouse, and Maggie Luckey

Hilton Head Boot Camp Beauties Walk for the Cause

    This coming October 27th, a group of women known as the Hilton Head Boot Camp Beauties will be very sore. They will have just walked 60 miles in three days. But they'll also be very happy because they will have walked it in the name of an important cause that millions of people around the world support with pink ribbons.
    It started last April when Rowena Deaton saw an ad in a magazine for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day, an epic walk that will raise millions of dollars towards breast cancer research. Held in 14 cities across the country this year, the 3-Day will see participation by thousands of men and women of all ages who want to make a difference in the fight against cancer. Rowena is part of a fitness program called Boot Camp, and as the thought of joining the walk began to take hold in her mind, she decided to convince the rest of the Boot Camp gals that they should do the walk with her. They've been training ever since.
    "We wanted to challenge ourselves and prove that we could do something out of the ordinary," said Rowena. "Then we realized this wasn't about us, it was about doing something to help."
    So they began walking, rain or shine, several days a week. At first they were doing three miles a day, and by August they were up to twelve-mile walks; now they have just two months left to prepare for the 3-Day, held in Atlanta on October 24th, 25th and 26th. Meanwhile, they must each raise $2,200 or more in order to participate, as well as the money to purchase shoes and other gear they will need. Accommodations, however, are provided-walkers stay in a "mobile city" comprised of hundreds of pink 2-man tents.  "It started out as a fun endeavor, but it's become more and more meaningful," said Diane Wiggins. "As we've gone around raising money, so many people who donate have told us their stories." Terri Brashears summed up the experience thus far by saying, "We're having fun and we feel good about what we're doing." Yet many of the women have personal reasons for doing the walk that go beyond just the fitness aspect. "My mother's a survivor so that means my sister and I are also at risk for breast cancer," said Trisha Campbell. "Obviously, I want to do anything I can to raise money towards research."
    Anything including walk 60 miles? That's a long way. But these women aren't scared; they're just hell-bent on finishing.  "I'll make it," said Maggie Luckey, expressing the single-minded determination of all the Boot Camp Beauties. "It's hard but I'll make it. And, you know, there's a prize for finishing last."
    All jokes aside, the experience is bound to be a meaningful one, as few people these days can escape the harsh reality of cancer.
    "I think all of us have been touched by this disease," said Cindy Sprouse. "We all know a friend or family member that's had cancer and I feel like we are walking for them."
    Liesa, ever the trainer and motivator, responds by saying, "Nobody here is going to be picked up in a big pink van."
    And so as the walk draws nearer and their training mileage grows ever higher, these ladies have the satisfaction of knowing that what they're doing is not only good for them, but for others as well.
    For more information on how you can support the Boot Camp Beauties, contact Rowena Deaton at 681-6202, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..