Mia Amini

Hear Me Roar

Photography by Christian Lee

Hear Me Roar 1

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Lives in: Savannah, GA
Career/Place of Business: Alpha Media Savannah-Hilton Head-Radio Program Director for G100 Savannah, and Owner of Mia Talks Media & Branding

What was your No. 1 New Years Resolution? Skip eating out and save the money I would spend eating out to travel more in 2017!

What was your first travel experience that got you hooked? My mom was a road trip enthusiast with a full gas tank. We have driven coast to coast many times. In addition, I had a Godmom as a child who included me on a trip to the Bahamas and I loved every moment of being a tourist!

What is one thing that you have observed about travel? I am amazed how American tourism really fuels the global economy. In some cases, the gratuity you leave in American dollars can be stretched to feed a family for a week in another country. To see the gratitude of people who have no clean water or floors in their homes to serve us is very humbling. When you travel you keep the world alive; your exploration supports the local business owners and everyone you meet on your journey.

Do enjoy traveling within the US or abroad most? I love America. I remember returning to the USA after living in Madrid, Spain and promising myself I wanted to see every inch of America.  Each state has it’s own story, culture, foods, lingo and style from farm to city to freezing cold to beaches. I LOVE EVERY PART OF AMERICA.

Something I take too seriously is… I always jam pack my schedule with places to see and be. The best moments are the ones you do not plan!

Have you ever had any traveling mishaps? Yes, after a terrible break up, I planned a girls' trip to Miami, and on the first day of having too much fun, I put my wallet down and it was stolen. My ID, money, cards, cash were gone and this was my first day in town. The Miami police, hotel and people were so nice. I survived for a few days and managed to make it on the plane back home!

What is your top travel tip? Just do it! You will never have all the time, money or whatever excuses you will find to not book your trip. Use great sites like bookit.com, travelzoo.com, cheapcarribean.com, or pleasantholidays.com to find great global deals! Live it up, find the best local spots for coffee, meals, drinks, ask the hotel staff and talk to locals about what they love.

If you could live anywhere for a year, where would it be? Paris, I am a romantic at heart. I love the Love Lock bridge you can lock your love on. I love the artistic culture. I imagine myself drinking coffee, writing poems and painting all day and lots of wine drinking at night.

What are the top 5 travel destinations on your bucket list?
1) Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
2) Paris, France
3) Rome, Italy
4) London, England
5) Dubai U.A.E.

What Hear me Roar means to me:
A ROAR does not always have to be loud. You can roar with your heart in how you love, you can roar with your hands in what you create and give to others. People always assume a radio personality must ROAR loudly, and yes, sometimes that is necessary. I think the best part of my ROAR is the listener, the friend, the believer in others and their dreams. If it’s at home in Savannah, or in some other city or country, my soft ROAR has allowed me to make friends all around the world.