Marsue Thomas & Mike Visokay

Love Is Out There


 February 2020 Issue
Written by Jacie Elizabeth Millen
Photography by Marsue Thomas

Love seems to happen when you least expect it, and in the case of Marsue Thomas and Mike Visokay, it was pure serendipity. In 2009, Marsue, a recent divorcee, decided she needed a fresh start. She bought a condo in Summerhouse, a neighborhood on Hilton Head Island. While unloading boxes into her new digs, she came across a few friendly, welcoming neighbors, including Mike. “At first I just saw a good-looking man, who was walking the cutest little dog and that’s it,” Marsue said, laughing.

When first meeting Mike, she really walked over to see Willow, Mike’s sweet little dachshund. As the weeks passed, the interactions between Mike and Marsue increased, the conversations got longer and a true connection developed. Mike, being the handy man that he is, offered to help Marsue if she ever needed anything. After multiple favors and a loose shower knob, Marsue decided it was time to thank Mike properly with a nice, friendly evening out to dinner.

“I didn’t mind racking up the bill because he probably did a few thousand dollars of work for me, and I wanted to take him out to thank him. I couldn’t believe it; when the waiter brought the bill, he snagged it before I could. It was just another way he continued to confirm in my mind how great of a man he was.” Fast forward nine years, Mike and Marsue are stronger than ever.

“I never knew that God had intended Mike for me. I had my aunt tell me to pray for a ‘gentle friend,’ whether it be a female or male, just a gentle friend. I did and God gave me Mike, a man that’s not only my love, but also my best friend,” Marsue said.

Moving into to a new house together, meeting each other’s families and loving them over the years, and still loving on their sweet little Willow, Marsue and Mike were busy becoming a part of each other’s lives, although marriage was not on their minds. With both being divorced and knowing the process of things, Mike and Marsue were not looking for another marriage, but knew deep down, they would be each other’s partner for life.

“We both agreed, it was just another piece of paper, but Mike always told me one day he wanted to introduce me as his wife,” Marsue said.

Without another thought about it, they continued their love story doing what they love to do most. Alongside their famous fire pit parties, one of the couple’s favorite things to do is travel the world. With a cruise planned last October, they were off on their next adventure: Mexico! With their favorite travel couple by their side, the four were off on an excursion called Salsa, Salsa, Salsa. This included making their own salsas, tasting a bunch of salsas and learning how to dance the salsa all in one fun-filled activity. What made it even more fun was they were the only four on the excursion. “So, here’s where it gets good. My girlfriend and I were having so much fun, drinking margaritas and learning how to make salsa, while the guys were off with our tour guide. Mike came back to me with this little balloon ring and a big question,” Marsue said smiling. He got down on one knee, right there, and proposed.

“I would describe our love as magnetic. He was my best friend before he became anything else, and it really shows in our connection and how much we care for each other. In past relationships, I was never put as a priority, and now, someone has finally put me first and has loved me so hard and passionately. Everyone says, ‘You’re so lucky to have Mike’ and they are so right!”

Marsue thought back to where it all began, with Willow. “If I didn’t see that sweet little dog, I don’t know if I would’ve said ‘hello’ and gotten the opportunity to fall in love with my best friend. Willow is the glue that brought us together,” Marsue said.

There is no date set for a wedding quite yet, but they are both looking forward to living a long, fun, romantic and happy life together one day at a time, living in their own slice of paradise.

As I was heading out after this special interview, Marsue told me how much she was dreading the rest of the day. I asked why. “Oh, I hate packing! Mike and I are going to Ecuador tomorrow for a whole week.” And the love adventure continues.