Lisa Darazs

Hear Me Roar

Hear Me Roar Lisa DarazsPhotography by London Norton

Born in Alabama, grew up in Alexandria, VA, moved to Hilton Head in 1980.
Family: Husband Des, married 35 years. Daughter, Heather and son, Brian.
Career: Accounting

My favorite thing to do in the Lowcountry: Go to festivals! It’s like a big outdoor party. I love being around people, tasting new food, breathing the fresh air, listening to music, running into old friends and making new friends! It really opens up all of your senses and makes for a happy, relaxing and enjoyable day!

I never attend a festival without my: Novelty earrings and Drink-N-Plate, which is held with one hand and is a combination plate/drink holder, leaving your other hand free to eat and drink. I meet more people with this plate in my hand who are totally awestruck by it! (Artware at Shelter Cove is now stocking them.)

Is it true there’s a pair of earrings for every occasion? Absolutely! It all started with a pair of beer can earrings someone gave to me as a gift. Now I have chickens for Wing Fest, tires for Concours D’Elegance, spoons for the Chowder Challenge, golf clubs for the Heritage, crabs for the Seafood fests, anchors for the Yacht Hop, pigs for the Rib Burnoff, peanuts for the Boiled Peanut Fest, cheeseburgers for the Burger & Brews fest, chili peppers for the Chili Cookoff and more!

My annual Kentucky Derby party is the best around because: We have great friends, which is the most important ingredient for any good party. Everyone brings a dish to show-off their culinary skills. We draw the horse’s names (to keep it fair). The awards go to first, tenth and last place, which does make it fun. If your horse is not doing well, a lot of people will be screaming for them to slow down and come in last. And of course, my favorite trophy to give out is for last place, as it is the rear end of a horse!
The last place you’ll hear me talking about politics is: Every four years we have an election party the Saturday before the presidential elections. We decorate everything in red, white and blue, provide guests with skimmer hats, and they choose a democrat or republican cup for their beverages. Our only rule is there are to be no political discussions—only because alcohol is involved!

Party traditions: We set up for the St. Patrick’s Day parade off Pope Avenue. We have been doing this since the first parade 33 years ago and haven’t missed one yet!
I love traditions because: I come from a very close family and traditions have always been a main staple in our lives. Christmas is one holiday my whole family always gets together. If one family member is having difficulty with travel or work, we just pretend Christmas is on the 26th.
Where does all of this social motivation come from: My mother was the Social Directress for the Watergate Hotel in DC for years. She taught my sisters and I basic etiquette, manners and the code of conduct. We were always involved in many social situations and learned to really appreciate being around people.

Something I take too seriously is: My children and my work. I am very proud of both my children. They work hard, are very sociable, successful in their endeavors and extremely outgoing people. As for my work, it defines me.

Hear me ROAR about:
I love living in the Lowcountry. Growing up near DC has made me appreciate this area so much. The serene beauty, the locals, short distances to everything, the beaches, the relaxed demeanor and mild “rush hour” are just a few ways to describe it. Most of all, I love the small town atmosphere and of course, the festivals! I have lived here 36 years and don’t regret moving here for one minute!