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I’m most proud of: Being listed as a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher! Plus, as a female, there are only 7 women out of the 100 on the list. I am proud to have achieved this status and reputation as a golf instructor and coach and to be associated with an amazing group of talented coaches in the golf industry, who I learn from every chance I get. 

Any encouragement for women wanting to start playing golf? 

Find a buddy to practice with. As a new player, you need to put some time in during the beginning so you can enjoy yourself more on the course. If you are a “Type A” personality, don’t try to control the club. As Elsa said, “Let it Go!” Start with playing four to six holes. As women we have busy lives, so actually 9 holes is a perfect amount! Don’t feel like you have to take half the day to play 18, you can get a lot out of playing 9. Also, start with a 

yardage you are comfortable with—even from the 150-marker. Make it your distance, your course.

Give us three quick golf tips:

1) Practice more like you play golf.Hit different clubs to different targets. Don’t get stuck practicing with your 7 iron for an hour. Change clubs at least every five minutes. You will get much more out of random practice, hitting different shots to a variety of targets, changing clubs and targets each time. Put some pressure on it as well, to simulate the golf course. Too often our practice is totally different than when we play. Try to close that gap. 

2) Eliminate Tension. We all store tension in one of four places—neck, jaw, arms or hands. Find out where you tend to tighten up and focus on keeping that area relaxed—shoulders loose, forearms relaxed or hit shots with your mouth slightly open. If it’s in your hands, on a scale of 1-10 in your full swing, try to keep grip pressure to a 4 the entire swing and in short game a 2 or 3. You’ll be amazed at the difference. And don’t forget to breathe!! Take some deep breaths when you are nervous or feeling anxious; it will make a huge difference.

3) Listen to your self-talk on the course. Be your own best friend, not enemy. After each shot either say something positive about the shot or make a neutral statement…“the ball is in the rough,” or “the ball is in the rough, but I have a good lie.” Try not to make any negative comments. Those negative comments are like paper cuts, one won’t hurt, but too many will leave you bleeding (and your scores, too).

I never leave the house without:Telling my family that I love them.

Outside of golf, I…run, do triathlons and coach my kids’ teams. Right now I’m coaching three baseball teams, one soccer team and have 70 girls in our girls golf program. I also enjoy walking the beach, photography and travel.

Are you a long hitter or a short game shark?Long Hitter. I still hit balls as far as I did when I was 20 years old.

Something I take too seriously is:My golf game in competition.

Tell us a few amazing golf courses you’ve had the pleasure of playing:Cypress Point Club (Pebble Beach), Fishers Island (NY), Pine Valley (NJ), and Ballybunion (Ireland). I love links courses—nothing better than playing golf along the ocean. Fishers Island has a water view on every hole. I spent five summers teaching there. I would teach all day, then walk 18 at the end of the day; it was so peaceful. 

The best thing about being a golf instructor is:  I get to help people enjoy the wonderful game of golf. The game can be so frustrating, and can really beat you up sometimes, so to be able to help a player play better and see the joy they get from hitting the ball a certain way, or playing a great round of golf is very gratifying. 

Any advice for women on staying active? Do something every day even if it’s something small. Usually the hardest part is the first five feet out the door. Find a group. I joined one and absolutely love it. The workouts are great, but the people are what make the place. It’s such a supportive community with people of all ages coming together to be healthy. Find your niche and your community of fitness!

I’m Roaring About:  Being comfortable with who you are! Being passionate about life or whatever you are doing. Give it your all! Win or fail, at least go down trying.