Jacqueline Ritchie

Pink's Monthly Makeover

Meet Jacqueline:
Jacqueline Ritchie is a business woman . in the making. If anyone knows the value of hard work and dedication in the workforce, she does. Right out of college Jacqueline took a job with a great company that offered huge potential to learn and grow, as long as she was willing to start in a position she had little interest in. After more than a year at her current position, she has paid her dues and finally moved into something more suited to her passions and talents, with the dreams of continuing to climb the corporate ladder. To assist her in her rise to success, we decided to give her a pampered and professional new look.

The Hair:
We put Jaqueline's potential in the hands of the owners of Haircutechs, Marcela Suaza, Jose Cristancho, and Alba Cuervo. The three owners, along with the other stylists in the salon, are committed to constant education in their field, and frequently attend hair shows in the country's cutting edge cities such as New York City and Orlando. With their education and knowledge, I knew instantly that Jacqueline was about to take a giant step up towards achieving a more professional look. Alba began by choosing a warm, rich color for fall, complete with tones of mahogany, copper, and gold. She contrasted the rich color with sharp highlights in the front, creating a crisp and sunny look.

Once the color was complete, Jose took over to wash, cut, blow-dry, and style. Jose decided to add volume by cutting layer after layer into her hair, and adding a slight bang in front. Jose has a reputation as the "Blow-drying Wizard" because of his energy and skills with a blow-dryer and round brush. It was a treat to watch him flip Jacqueline's hair around in a way that created body and an incredible hairstyle without hardly using any other tools! He first showed Jacqueline how to style her hair so it flipped out, and then used a flat iron for a straighter look.

Since Jacqueline admitted to her lack of knowledge when it came to hair care, Marcela gave her a bag full of products, as well as a lesson on straightening and how to deal with her natural curl. Jacqueline was very grateful for the products and excited to go home and try them out!

Hair Products Used: Provana color, Biolage Matrix Age Rejuvenating Shampoo and Conditioner, Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, Pureology Purevolume Blowdry Amplifier, Saloon In Antifrizz CrËme

The Makeup:
With Jacqueline's hair now way ahead of pace, Marcela took over to bring a few fall colors to her rosy cheeks and complete the final look. As a former theatrical makeup artist in Miami, Marcela knew all the tricks to bring out Jacqueline's natural beauty using earth-tones and a few sparkles. Using a combination of her own makeup line, Beauty Technique by Marcela, as well as products by LancÙme and Hard Candy, Marcela catapulted Jacqueline's professional look way passed entry level!

Makeup Products Used: Sage and Citrus Moisturizer, Light Diffusing Concealer in Natural Beige, powder concealer in Sunlift, eye shadows in Brin de Vanile, gold and dark brown, Sprinkles Eye Candy eye glitter, mauve blush, black mascara, lipstick in Spirit and lip gloss in Optical Rose

A Touch of Glam:
As a final touch, Bailey Lebel added a few strands of chocolate, gold, and caramel tinsel to make Jacqueline sparkle in the sunlight, plus a strand of Barbie Locks for some extra pizzazz. Bailey swears the hair jewelry is the newest accessory. Haircutechs also offers feathers and colored extensions, including pink extensions throughout October to help increase awareness and raise funds for breast cancer.

Our day concluded with a stroll down Calhoun Street in historic Bluffton to Gigi's Boutique where Jacqueline was fitted in age-appropriate, hip, classy, professional outfits. Get ready world, you have one self-assured businessdiva heading your way!

Simply Stated:
Special thanks for Marcela, Alba, Jose, Bailey and the rest of the staff at Haircutechs Salon, located in Bluffton at 102 Buckwalter Pkwy. For more information or to make an appointment with any of the talented stylists, please call 843-757-6210.
Thanks also to Gigi's Boutique, located at 40 Calhoun Street in Old Town Bluffton. Be sure to shop Gigi's for wonderful fall apparel, shoes, handbags, jewelry and accessories. You can reach them at 843-815-4450. Thanks also to the ladies at Edward Jones in Old Town Bluffton for providing a fabulous photo shoot setting!