Carson Bruce

Hear Me Roar

Carson Bruce
Financial Industry/Raymond James and Associates
Registered Client Servce and Associates
Camden, SC
Lives in:
Beaufort, SC

Not married, but in a very committed relationship with an incredible man, Tim Lovett, and his two incredible children, Olivia and Henry. Oh, and I can’t forget about Hobie, our dachshund mix.

I love being a part of: A team! Whether it’s my “work team” or my “home team,” nothing is quite as fulfilling as knowing the part I play is very important, but my contribution is much less meaningful if my teammates aren’t working to the best of their ability! Being part of a great team pushes me to work harder and better.

I’ve always wondered: Oh gosh, I am constantly wondering why this, why that… I usually have many more questions than answers. Something that I have been wondering a lot about lately is why people commit acts of violence and cruelty, and how we can create a world where that doesn’t happen.

Three of my personality traits I’m proud of are: Hard-working, easy-going, and health-conscious.

A song that takes me back to good memories: "Here Comes Your Man” by The Pixies— it takes me back to my freshman year at College of Charleston, when we still had CDs and giant stereos. Those were the days!

My favorite childhood book was: We had the classics, Goodnight Moon, Where the Wild Things Are, etc., but I don’t remember having a specific favorite childhood book. I loved to look through my mother’s Field Guide to Birds!

Something I miss so much is: Life without the Internet and cell phones, when we actually spoke to each other instead of texting.

Being active is important to me because: My health is my number one priority. Exercise is a huge component of good health, which is why I love to standup paddleboard so much. It’s great cardiovascular exercise, has low to virtually no impact on joints, and it has such a calming effect on my mind. There is nothing like paddling through our beautiful Lowcountry waterways. It soothes the mind, body and soul.

I could never live without: Peace of mind.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done is: Physically, one of the hardest things I’ve ever done was a 7-mile standup paddleboard race against the wind and tide in the Port Royal Paddle Battle. For most of the race it felt like I was working as hard as I possibly could and going NO WHERE! It was tough—mentally and physically!!

My last Ah Ha moment taught me: Wishing won’t make it happen. Whatever it is that you want to happen, you have to take action! You have to start somewhere. Even if you think you’re only taking baby steps. Baby steps add up to huge changes!

You can hear me roar: Get outside! Get on the water!