Carol Mularz and the Sunscribers

Spreading A Little Sunshine

    They said it couldn't be done. That was all it took to set Carol Mularz on fire. Thanks to her grit and determination and the cooperative efforts of her writing group, the Sun City Sunscribers, a new book is in print. Everything Under the Sun is a collection of writings by 30 members, including Carol, who wanted to use their talents to help others. The book includes memoirs, essays, prose and poems - some serious, some fun, but all intended to spread some sunshine and, at the same time, raise funds for community care giving organizations.
    The idea for the book came to Carol in the summer of 2006. "From listening to people read and hearing different styles of writing, I realized that our group had enormous talent," she said. "I thought, 'Gee, we're so blessed to be able to do this in our retirement. Wouldn't it be wonderful to share some of these great stories with other people?'"
    Donating the profits to caregivers was also Carol's idea, born of compassion for those who need care and empathy for those who provide it, based on her own experience. After saying her final goodbyes to two aunts, her mother and father, years of caring for the sick and dying had taken a toll. Retiring from her real estate career, when she moved to Sun City Hilton Head in 2002, she was looking forward to seeing the bright side of life for a change. But it wasn't to be just yet. No sooner had she settled into her new home than she discovered that her neighbor was dying of lung cancer. "I said, 'How can you do this to me, God?' I was trying to get away from all the gloom and doom and the horror of watching someone pass away," said Carol. "But we became extremely good friends and I became like a sounding board for her."
    The neighbor, who has since passed, was part of the inspiration for the book, Carol said. "There are people who live here for whom the sun doesn't shine as brightly. They're not well. They can't do as many things as the rest of us do. There is also a group of wonderful caregivers in this community who do such good work and help these people. We need them. They are vital to our very existence here," she explained. "Help the people who help us. That was the whole motivation for the book."
    And so, the Sunscribers set about creating the stories that would fill the pages. According to Carol, the two-year process was truly a group effort and labor of love. "Everyone shared in the responsibilities. We had countless hours in planning. It really was quite an enterprise," she said. "It's just been wonderful. I feel guilty that I can't name everybody."
    Of course, there were the naysayers, too. "For a while, it was looking like it was so cost prohibitive, some people wanted to give up. But I would never give up," said Carol. "The more people who told me, 'You'll never be able to do this,' the more I was determined that it was going to happen. I'm like that. Telling me that it can't be done is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. I just make up my mind that I'm doing it!"
    Ultimately, the authors agreed to self-publish, all contributing to the cost and reimbursing themselves from the proceeds. "We've been in the black for quite some time; we've sold a couple of hundred books already," said Carol. "We are taking orders now for an additional printing. This is a great holiday gift, especially if you know someone who is a caregiver."

Up Close

The Sunscribers of Sun City Hilton Head is a writing club which was formed in 1997 during the early days of the community's development. Starting with a handful of participants, the membership now includes over 50 participants. Profits from the sale of their book, Everything Under the Sun, will benefit care giving organizations such as Sun City's Wheels and Meals, Hospice Care of the Lowcountry and Alzheimer's Respite and Resource.
To purchase a ray of sunshine, contact Carol Mularz at
(843) 705-7779.