Beth Woods

Hear Me Roar

HearMeRoarBeth Woods
Hometown: Hampton, S.C.

Lives in: Bluffton (25 years)

The ultimate compliment to me would be? Family and friends feeling comfortable and loved when they are in my home.

In my opinion, the key to making a house beautiful is? Using objects and art that mean something to the homeowner.  

Something I am excited about right now? Potentially writing a book.  

The best idea I’ve had this month? Emptying my fridge before evacuating for Hurricane Matthew.

Something that is always easy for me... Being creative. 

Traits of mine that I would like to pass on to my children... creativity, sense of humor, and hard work ethic.

If I could time travel, I would go to 2011 so I could hug my father.  

The most unusal thing in my purse right now is? A paintbrush.  

My best childhood memory is: Fishing and crabbing with my family off Edisto Beach.

Complete this sentence: Keep calm and...Freeze a Casserole! 

I am currently roaring about... Not wasting daily opportunities to embrace life. Try new things, love your people and reach out to new ones! Cook with your family, pick the flowers, eat the oyster, burn the candle, drink the champagne, buy the painting and always eat the cake!