A Bucket List Adventure

Conquering Your Bucket List One Dream at a Time

By Judith Lawrenson  

Dream Catcher is doing a turnaround for December. Instead of asking people 
what they would like to have or do to “conquer their bucket list,” 
I have asked seven women what they would like to give. 
If you had unlimited resources or a direct pipeline to answers to prayers, what would YOU do?

For me right now, that is not a hard question. Two members of my family are suffering from illnesses that are very debilitating and it is uncertain how well, or even if, they will recover. This has been very hard on our whole family. You feel very helpless when there is nothing that you know to do to make things better. If I could have a “give it” bucket list instead of a “get it” bucket list, I would give back the gift of health to my two family members. -Joan

That is a good question. You might say world peace or a big cure for a disease or something like that, but I like to think on a more intimate level than that. I love Hilton Head Island and I would like to give this island a really precious, unique thing. I would like to give it a rest. Maybe just for a day to have no building, no tourists, no cars, etc.—just peace, quiet, birds and wildlife. You know, let good old HHI just catch its breath or take a nap. Wouldn’t that be nice? -Billie
I have a very dear friend who is a recent widow. I have never been this close to a person who suddenly lost what is most dear to her. Not only has she lost her beloved husband, it has also left her in a very bad financial position. This is a double heartbreak. I know you cannot wish someone back to life, so I wish my friend could find a way to be whole again. Somehow it never seems fair when something like this happens and you wonder why. I certainly have in this case. Anyway, I wish my friend could not only be whole again, but also find some kind of silver lining. Maybe something different will come her way that will give her new hope and a better life. -Sandy

You might think this sounds a bit silly, but I have always had kind of a dream. I guess you could call it a bucket list wish for others. I am a big animal lover, especially dogs. Everyone who knows me knows that about me. I would like to establish and run a special kennel for homeless and abused dogs. They have these for people, why not for dogs? I have always had a dog. I have had everything from cockers to a Lasa Apso, and my dogs have always been loving and loyal. A person who loves animals is never alone or lonely. If you have never experienced the love of a pet, you have missed something, and that’s for sure. -Joyce

I am glad to be asked that question. I have often thought of a bucket list in just that way; I mean to want to give something instead of getting something or having an experience. I will tell you honestly, I am getting to what I used to think of as ancient. I won’t tell you my real age, but 70 might not be a bad guess. I am so lucky to have good health, but many of my friends, family and loved ones are not so lucky. I have close friends who have lost spouses. I have a cousin who had a stroke. I know many people who spend half of their lives at the doctor’s office. I am close to people who are in a great deal of pain, both physically and emotionally. I don’t mean to sound like all life is suffering and bad, but I bet you know people like that, too. They say getting old is not for sissies. So, I would like to give everyone the gift of aging gracefully. I wish we could all be old, wise and healthy until the very last minute. Pretty good wish, huh? -Jean

My favorite part of the day is called happy hour. Things quiet down, life takes a time out and things gentle down. I love to sit on my back deck with a drink and just watch the birds on the lagoon beyond my house. I would like to give everyone that happy hour gift. Here it is from me, just sit down and be still for a little while. Let the world go by. I think everyone should do that. My dog even loves happy hour. Why not? Maybe dogs need a happy hour, too. -Carol

I think one of the tragedies of the 21st century is loneliness. With all the technology available for communication, one would think loneliness would be a thing of the past. However, it’s more prevalent than ever. My bucket list item to give would be connection. It is so sad that many of us barely know our neighbors anymore. To think there could be a lonely man or woman sitting in their home only two or three doors down and no one even notices—that is modern day tragedy. Nothing lifts the heart and soul like connecting with others. Just knowing someone cares moves the spirit from hopeless to hopeful. Imagine sharing a smile that escalates to laughter and you just made someone’s day. It doesn’t take much. I love baking pies—pecan, pumpkin, sweet potato, coconut—during the holidays and giving those pies away to strangers and people who I know will be alone. I deliver them personally and make sure I have time to talk. Maybe this year you could share some kind of sweetness with people, as well. Imagine the ripple effect of that—Woo-hoo! -Elizabeth Millen

I could do this all day. I loved asking people to “give it away” and their answers. There are many more I could have shared. What about you? What is on your bucket list not to get, but to GIVE? This is the true spirit of Christmas, isn’t it?