Publisher - February 2020

Publisher0220Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

— Chinese Proverb –

It’s only February, and I want a do-over. This year has not gone according to plan. Asthmatic bronchitis pummeled my health for almost all of January, so I feel like my new year is a bust. How are you doing?

If you are in the same boat as me, already seeking a do-over, I understand. I’ve decided to not dwell on what I haven’t accomplished and grant myself permission to simply start fresh in February. You should give yourself permission for the same. Let’s let January be our mulligan and tee off 2020 again! 

According to Mark Twain, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” It’s that easy; just simply begin. You can choose any day at any time, but if you want to see results, the best time to start is right now. Here’s how not waiting another second may positively play out for you in several popular scenarios: 

Losing Weight: Alas, losing weight is the No. 1 goal in January for most people. So you blew it last month? It’s OK. You may not be ready. However, if you are serious about getting your weight under control, you need to get real with yourself and start now. A year is going to go by regardless of your actions. Whether you eat good, eat bad, become a vegetarian, blow your diet every day, or hide candy bars in your desk drawer, in 52 weeks you will either like what you see in the mirror and feel better, or not. It’s all up to you and when you decide to start. 

What if you set out to lose just one tiny pound per week? Just one! If you start right now, believe it or not, you will be 52 pounds lighter by this time next year. 52 pounds! If you only need to lose 20-pounds, and adopt the one-pound a week philosophy, guess what. You will reach your goal by mid-June, just in time to buy a new swim suit and head to the beach! Time is on our side when we simply start and stay steady, just like the tortoise who beats the much faster hare in the race. 

Writing a book: There are many writers in the Lowcountry who want to write a book. The task of sitting down to write can be endlessly daunting. However, if you start now, with a goal of writing one page a day (roughly 500 words) by next February you will have 365 pages written and possibly a completed book ready to be published. The key is to start now.

Saving Money: Look what times does for you when it comes to building a nest egg. This chart shows how much money you will have in a year if you choose to start now versus waiting until June, or never starting at all. Remember, the road to success can only be traveled if you begin, so what are you waiting for? Starting where you are is far better than not starting at all. But if you’re ready to get serious about stashing some of your hard earned cash, begin right NOW, and be prepared to be proud of yourself. We’re talking huge impact because having money affords the freedom of options…lots of options!

Sadly, if you never can seem to bring yourself to get going on saving some G’s, you can expect nothing because nothing in merely equals nothing. Please don’t choose nothing.

Publisher0220 Grid2

Achieving a Goal or Finish a Project: Whatever your goal/project is, start now toward making it a reality by doing one thing each day. By next year this same time, you will have done 365 things to help make your goal/project a reality. With action like that, your chances of completion are stellar—#goals!

The Strategy of Now acts like compounding interest, putting time on your side. In each of these examples time is the factor that makes all the difference. By allowing time to work for you, baby steps morph into giant leaps. Days, weeks and months are going to pass no matter what. Unless some tragedy hits, many of us will be putting the same weight loss, goals and/or savings plans together this same time next year, perhaps begging for another do-over. The choice is yours. Do you want the next 52 weeks to count? If so, just start. Now.

Here we are, at the starting gate with a granted do-over—a second chance— to start 2020 fresh. What do you really want? On your mark. Get set. Go! Go! Go!

Think Pink,

Elizabeth Millen