Let It Go December, 2014

From the Publisher

Publisher1214“Let it go, let it go
And I’ll rise like the break of dawn
Let it go, let it go
That perfect girl is gone!”
—Elsa, from the movie Frozen

The song “Let it Go” from the Walt Disney movie Frozen has enjoyed popularity on a worldwide scale. Yes, the songstress Idina Menzel’s voice is powerful, and the song does have a catchy tune. And, yes it is from one of the most beloved movies of all times (Frozen is the fifth highest grossing movie and the No. 1 highest grossing animated movie ever) but I think what people of all ages love about the song is that you can belt out the words “let it go” over and over again. It just feels so good whether you’re in the shower, driving down the road or at work. It’s a song with built-in self-defense. For instance, you’re driving down the road and a crazy driver cuts you off, there’s no need to get mad. You just sing out “let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go!” It has an instant calming effect with a much better prophecy than “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

The song has a powerful point, though. There are many things in life that we drag around with us everywhere we go. Some are negative, some are just meh, but neither add anything to our day, happiness or personal growth. In other words, these balls and chains that we have Decemberided to take along on our daily journey no longer serve us. We need to let them go! Here are a few things to let go of this holiday season in order to give yourself permission to party, enjoy, laugh or at least lighten up a little.

Let’s start with perfection…Let it go! Perfection is done, actually over done. Who are you trying to impress? Have you asked yourself why? I once heard that perfection comes from being loved for what you do, instead of who you are. Sure, we all want to have and do nice things, but if trying to live up to self-imposed, unrealistic expectations is wearing you out and not satisfying your soul, consider this: Let it go!

Next, let’s address anger…Let it go. Buddah said, “You will not be punished FOR your anger. You will be punished BY your anger.” He was right. The only person that anger hurts is you. It steals your happiness because it is impossible to be angry and happy at the same time. Is the anger you are harboring worth feeling explosive and on edge all the time? It will eat you up; for every minute you are angry, that is one minute you willingly forfeited your inner peace. Here’s something to ponder: If your anger was in a box on your dresser and you could choose to take it with you everyday or leave it behind, would you take it? Does it deserve to go to work with you, to the golf course, to the gym, shopping, on trips? The answer is no; your anger does not deserve a cruise! This holiday season Decemberide to leave that anger box behind and let it go.

Now, let’s stare down self-doubt and let it go. I have experienced a lot of self-doubt lately. It’s not healthy and it is a no-good monster. Self-doubt is basically fear, which radiates from the inside out, in the form of what if I am not strong enough, pretty enough, smart enough, good enough, successful enough or sure enough? Here’s a question: What if you are? Why do the “what ifs” always have to be scary? We question ourselves setting failure as the goal, “What if I’m not strong enough to handle this?” The only answer to that is doom and gloom. However, if we rephrase the same thought: “What if I am strong enough to handle this situation,” then the possibilities are endless. Overcoming self-doubt isn’t about gaining confidence or becoming someone new, it’s simply about repositioning your thoughts. We all can do that, enabling us to let it go.

There are numerous other things I can think of to let go. Here’s how to tell if you need to let something go. If it makes you feel bad or puts an uneasy, queasy feeling in your stomach, let it go.

“Let it Go” is not a Christmas song, but it can be our theme song this holiday season. It’s fun; you can hardly sing it without joyous animation, reaching your arms out wide and belting out at the top of your lungs those three little words that pack a powerful punch. Let it go: If you do, you’re almost guaranteed to have a holly, jolly Christmas this year!