About the Artist - Lanier Bradberry


December 2019 Issue
About the Cover Artist
by Jacie Elizabeth Millen

Lanier Bradberry

Originally born in Dunwoody, GA, moving about every nine months, and attending more than 14 schools, Lanier Bradberry was used to an ever changing life on the go. With so much change it was hard to grasp on to a hometown, or a steady friend group, but Lanier found her outlet—art.

“Art has always been a constant for me. I started painting when I was six, and I’ve never stopped,” Lanier expressed. One of her first memories of painting was in an old barn in Georgia when she was 6 years old. Lanier has lived on Hilton Head Island, the place she officially calls home, for the past seven years with her parents and four sisters. She graduated from Hilton Head Island High School in 2018 and now attends Technical College of the Lowcountry. She is working toward her associates degree in the arts and looking forward to possibly continuing her education in the study of psychology to become a therapist.

Lanier is a dream-driven, hardworking, whimsical, independent, talented and a real genuine person. Her personality vividly shines through every piece of her artwork. Her inspiration comes from so many things, such as nature and scenery, but she’s currently on a kick of women’s empowerment, and how it not only makes her stronger as a person, but also makes her art stronger.
With such a creative mind between her ears, Lanier has dreams of living out West and intertwining art with her aspirations of becoming a therapist for a successful career in art therapy, which she feels can make a positive difference in peoples lives and the healing process.  But that doesn’t mean she will be putting her passion for painting aside. She has big plans for her future in art, as well. Lanier has taken art classes since high school to sharpen her skills. She is currently learning the art of photography and writing short stories. She has also recently signed with Halo Models and Talent Agency in Savannah for modeling.

Lanier is making sure no one steals her dreams and is spreading her wings to becoming a successful student and artist. “I’m so proud of myself, but I strive for more. This cover is so humbling; it makes me want to drive harder for my art and get more involved with the arts locally,” she said. “I painted this painting thinking of anything Christmas in the form of a woman—poinsettias, the green holly, the golden embellishments to match the spirit and beauty of Christmas.”

You can see more of Lanier's art on Instagram @artbylanier. She is currently taking personalized commissions for the holiday season. Contact her through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 843-338-0167.

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