About the Artist: Jessica Mingo

Artist0621May 2022 Issue
About the Cover Artist — Jessica Mingo
By Kelly Hunter

 The work life of any artist can be chaotic at times, but things get especially interesting when motherhood is added to the mix. Jessica Mingo creates her bright, organic watercolors in her home studio, surrounded by her “three beautiful redheads.” Britta (7), Beck (6) and Hank (2 months) keep her on her toes. “Work time often becomes a mix of answering questions, changing diapers, cleaning up messes and breaking up squabbles,” but she assured us that it’s “all part of motherhood and a career as an artist.”
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Jessica knew she wanted to be an artist at age 6. Both of her parents were artists, and she majored in graphic design at college, with a minor in fine art. In addition to her parents, Jessica is inspired by Van Gogh, Monet, Berthe Morisot and Frida Kahlo. She told us, “I am absolutely obsessed with impressionists; I love their take on reality.”

Inspiration has also come from watching her children. Jessica explained, “Seeing life through young, vibrant eyes is an unexplainable joy. The smallest of things are so exciting to kids, and I want to be more like them! Children are the best artists. They paint from their heart with next to no distractions muddling their message. They are true portrayers of emotion. I am always inspired by what my children make!”

Jessica told us why she chooses to work almost exclusively with watercolor: “I have a very loose and organic style. I like to go with the flow. Watercolor is naturally the best painting medium for that very reason. I like natural disturbances that happen with watercolor. I have loved the drips and looseness of this paint for some time.”

“Unconditional,” the painting featured on this month’s cover, comes out of lessons learned from motherhood. “Being a mom, especially of young kids, has shown me how intense a mother’s love can be,” Jessica said. “I painted this picture to try to encapsulate that feeling. I imagine this woman has a fierce love for her young son. She would do literally anything for him. She is the juxtaposition of soft and gentle, while being impossibly strong, capable and the pillar in this child’s life. There are no worries for this sleeping child.”

Jessica’s love for motherhood and her art made her an obvious choice for our #MamaBear cover. It’s beautiful how her art is inspired by her children and helps her through the challenges of being a mom. She explained, “The most content I have ever been is all thanks to a day full of creating art and being in nature.” We asked Jessica if she had any advice for artists who might be frustrated by the struggle to get their art to the public. She said you need to keep at it. As her dad would say, “Each successful event is a pinhole. Keep those up until it completely opens up.”

Jessica’s wide variety of whimsical and fluid work can be seen and purchased at
www.jessicamingodesigns.com. You can also follow her on Instagram @jessicamingoart.

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