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Artist 0319March 2019 Issue
Amos Hummell

Amos Hummell has been a doodler all his life. For the past 35 years, the self-trained, March Pink and Paisley cover artist has been a colorful, folk-art inspired fixture on the local Lowcountry art scene. Though he dabbled in the traditional medium of oil on canvas for a short time a few years back, Amos’ style explores beyond the lines and is far looser than the confines of tradition. “For me, oil painting is like trying to play rock and roll on a typewriter. It’s just too slow; I can’t jam and I need to jam.”

Amos now favors digital pen and ink drawings, which he creates with a stylus on his iPhone and immediately posts to his Facebook page, much to the delight of his loyal local fans.

“Umbrella Girl (featured on this month’s cover) is a perfect example of what I love to do,” says the artist, whose trademark bright and quirky work was first showcased on the cover of Pink in the magazine’s early days back in 2004. “I didn’t sit down to draw her. It was just a rainy day, and I was sitting there doodling like I do every day, and suddenly there she was and people liked her.”

Having people like his art is what it’s all about for Amos. “The way I see it, I’m in the entertainment business, plain and simple. Let’s be honest. My work was never meant to hang over someone’s living room fireplace. I’m not one of the great masters.” He laughs self-deprecatingly, “I just do my own thing and stay happy. The way I see it: If I can’t dazzle ‘em with brilliance, I’ll blind ‘em with color.”

Though he works alone and prefers it that way, when it comes to displaying his finished products, Amos would rather be out among the people. Ergo the Facebook page and posts, a favored selection of which he has turned into a series of 18 x 24 wall posters he will display and sell to the public at Mayfest in Bluffton and during the annual Tuesday night summer fireworks celebrations in Shelter Cove Marina.

“My style has always been whimsical and fun,” says the long time (now former) island bartender, who grew up wanting to be a cartoonist. “And posters are the perfect showcase format.” He grins. “For me it’s all about the fun. In fact, I’m having more fun than ever with my recent artwork. And what makes it even more fun is that more people than ever are enjoying the work.”

Amos Hummell’s digital pen and ink drawings can be viewed on his Facebook page Amos Hummell. His paintings can be viewed and purchased at the Karis Art Gallery in the Village at Wexford on Hilton Head, and his entire collection can be viewed and purchased on his website: www.hummellstudios.com

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