From the Kitchen of Creek Sauce

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Story & Photography (top left & below) by Lindsay Gifford

Have you ever whipped up your signature sauce and thought..."Gosh, I could sell this stuff"?The men behind the Lowcountry's newest saucy sensation are here to say it can be done!

What is Creek Sauce? Creek Sauce is the newest seafood sensation in the Lowcountry. A one-of-a-kind gourmet sauce that can best be described as a hybrid between tarter and cocktail sauce.  Designed to complement our local delicacies, owners and creators Kyle Strickland (left) and Jay Cook (right)  wanted a sauce that would "bring back a memory to the Carolina shores or to an old fish fry at the lake." 

Lowcountry Love: Creek Sauce hit the market about three months ago and they have already sold over 6,000 bottles. The response from the Lowcountry has been incredibly supportive.

The Brains Behind the Operation: Kyle and Jay are both born and bred Lowcountry boys who enjoy fishing and shrimping in the local waters. They grew up to serve together as sheriff's deputies for Beaufort County. They've always enjoyed cooking up their catch of the day and experimented with different sauces to go with it. They made several attempts, tweaking the recipe each time and trying different flavors. Their friends and family loved the recipe, and after being asked to make some for a wedding and receiving a great response, they decided the writing was on the wall—they needed to take a leap of faith.

How Do you Bottle a Sauce? The guys admitted the first thing they did was head to google to find out how to bottle their own sauce. After talking to friends in the food industry, they took a sample to a specialty food company, Granna's Gourmet, out of Charleston. Granna tasted the sauce and the journey began. The process took about nine months and involved creating the look, labels and  getting FDA approval. Granna's Gourmet acts as a co-packer for Creek Sauce and fills, labels and seals each bottle.

Not Just a Seafood Sauce: Creek Sauce is an all-purpose southern style sauce that the Lowcountry is putting on everything. Friends and family are saying it goes well on everything, including: chicken, hot dogs, pork, steak, omelets, pizza, pasta salads, tomato sandwiches and salads.

The Lowcountry's Finest When asked what sets the sauce apart from others, Jay quickly says "the taste!" A Certified South Carolina product, there is nothing else like it around.

Grab a Bottle: Creek Sauce is now being sold at Piggly Wiggly (Coligny Plaza), Benny Hudson Seafood, Main Street Grille, Cahill's Market, Bluffton Oyster Factory, Scott's Meat Market, Captain Woodys, Olive the Above, Sippin' Cow at Old Pepper's Porch, Bill's Liquor Store, Island's Meat Market, Lowcountry Store, Piggly Wiggly (Port Royal), Sea Eagle Market, Carolina Cider Company, and Sea Island Carriage.

Favorite Pairings for their Sauce:
Jay's favorite: Lowcountry boil 
Kyle's favorite: fried flounder

Check them out: Creek Sauce is online at and can also be found on facebook at Be sure to tag the guys and send pics of the sauce. They love the feedback.

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